Combining Social with Traditional Advertising Upgrades

Okay, so far I’ve covered How Social has Changed Advertising Forever as well as how do brands Upgrade Traditional Advertising. Going back to Facebook’s strategy for the Connected Brand, clearly Facebook had their own social spin to the strategy.  I’ve added a few notes as to how Eye Capture can help connect brands in today’s … Continue reading

How Social has Changed Advertising Forever

Today, brands want to reach out and connect directly with their audience, bypassing everyone inbetween.  Social media has changed that relationship forever.  In the past, brands would create image advertising that they hoped would drive demand for their products at your local retailers; retailers would be the ones to establish and manage that relationship with … Continue reading

The Shift towards Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Trend

As someone who’s has been on multiple sides of the advertising world, I’ve seen an interesting shift in how brands advertise today as a direct result of social media.  For the first time for many brands, they can now engage directly with their customers.  And that’s new and different, so they are just learning.  But first, for … Continue reading