The Shift towards Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Trend

As someone who’s has been on multiple sides of the advertising world, I’ve seen an interesting shift in how brands advertise today as a direct result of social media.  For the first time for many brands, they can now engage directly with their customers.  And that’s new and different, so they are just learning.  But first, for … Continue reading

Obsessing Steve Jobs

Eye Capture is a start up and our first product is an iPhone app. This idea is a solution that I’ve wanted since brands started putting URLs on their print ads.  But as a start up, executing on this solution wouldn’t have even been possible without Steve Jobs’ vision of the iPhone. Even still, my obsession to read … Continue reading

User testing

So far, every friend and stranger we show this app to all go, “I want that when it comes out!” One of the best compliments we get is, “Now why didn’t I think of that?!”

Welcome to Eye Capture

The easy way to get specific online information about what’s on that page in your favorite magazine or catalog – a dress, a sofa, a music list, a local restaurant, a workout routine – without having to log onto a computer and search the internet, or search a confusing website. And not just one item … Continue reading