Net-a-porter to Launch Print Magazine

WWD reported that Net-a porter fashion website will be publishing a print magazine within the next 12 months or so.  As a brand advertiser and magazine reader, no surpise there really, especially for fashion brands.

The reason is that while online and other platforms are cheaper per impression, we are not confident where our display ads actually pop up.  Whereas in magazines, the answer is evident.  It’s contained within professionally curated and produced editorial content that is contextually related to my brand products and image.  That’s why print still received the second most amount of media advertising dollars in 2011.

The more common discussion today surrounds the blurring of the line separating editorial church and state and that online-only publishers are more open to taking a portion of the sales made from when readers purchase specific products linked from their website.  Combine that with the trend of ecommerce sites or catalogues becoming publishers by including more journalistic information on their sites or catazines.

It’s hard to tell whether the ecommerce editorial content is merely marketing content to drive SEO (nothing wrong with that) or whether editors get unduly influenced by publisher’s product deals and then only write about products their magazines’ directly benefit from.   My view is that a magazine editor’s opinion is much more trustworthy than a ecommerce site’s editorial content.  So where will Net-a-porter’s heavily productized website’s new magazine end up on that spectrum?

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