Breaking News: Eye Capture is Alive!

I know, I know.  We’re a start-up so I’m suppose to say, “Eye Capture is Live!” but in truth, our journey has had so many twists and turns that Eye Capture the company basically has a life of its own.

Eye Capture is a free mobile app that works like QR codes on steroids, only without the QR code, hidden codes, or any codes.  Take one capture of a magazine page, and the app shows you a page with tons of images and magazine-approved links to stuff that is directly related to that page, be they specific ecommerce links, supporting articles, a video or two or three, Facebook pages, anything – all with just one capture of a page (take THAT QR codes!).  You’re looking at a crazy hot new trendy outfit.  You want it!  Now try finding each piece.  Most of us go, “forgetaboutit!” and dream on because it’s so darn frustrating to find stuff in magazines cuz you know that they’re all different brands.  Until today.  Now image going directly to each brand’s website for each item of that great new outfit  – the dress, necklace, earrings, clutch, shoes, coat – all without having to tear out that beautiful page, search the internet or search through confusing websites.  It’s THAT easy.  It’s totally amazing.

At our core, we are all about curated content discovery with ecommerce capabilities, social, and a great user experience.  It’s all about delivering a fundamentally superior experience than any QR code app could ever do.  We work with magazines to deliver just the right content, and not where Google or Bing say you should be going.  And you can share your discoveries with your friends directly through Facebook, twitter, text messaging, and email.

We’ve launched at SXSW with The Social Media Monthly Magazine, a consumer-friendly review and analysis of the Social Media Evolution.  Please see our website for app links, getting started, and sample pages to test the app.

Eye Capture Website:

App page:

Direct iTunes page:

Try it Here:

Check it out and let us know what you think.  And if you have some favorite magazines that you’d like to have Eye Capturized, let us know!

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