Combining Social with Traditional Advertising Upgrades

Okay, so far I’ve covered How Social has Changed Advertising Forever as well as how do brands Upgrade Traditional Advertising.

Going back to Facebook’s strategy for the Connected Brand, clearly Facebook had their own social spin to the strategy.  I’ve added a few notes as to how Eye Capture can help connect brands in today’s social world using advertising in traditional magazines.  Let’s look again at those 6 strategies:

1.  Articulate the brand’s social identity.

2.  Connect with your “best and most likely customers.” < best source are magazines self-selected by customer

3.  Engage “by making brand communications and content more personally relevant and participative.” < making ads interactive directly with potential customers via Eye Capture.  Ads can tailor what readers see based on the magazine the ad is in.

4.  Influence “people to share stories and messages about your brand.” < readers can share their latest discoveries with friends using Eye Capture via Facebook, twitter, text messaging, and email

5.  Integrate “social into the brand and product experience.” < the more social channels a brand participates in, the more places Eye Capture can deliver readers directly to – Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, MySpace

6.  Rejuvenate by “continuously monitor[ing] your brand’s health and improve the brand experience.” < absolutely agree

We believe that these 6 strategies really articulate a global brand strategy – not as in “dominating the world,” but as in an overarching, corporate-wide strategy.  With the overlay of technological advances in the digital space, for magazine publishers, we believe that all the channels of content distribution and points of interaction are very important, and need to be a part of an integrated channel plan.  Take advantage of each delivery vehicle’s uniqueness:

  • online’s more research oriented behavior because of the big screen and easy and fast access to multiple websites at once
  • tablet’s portability and beautiful image displays, easy and fast access to websites
  • smartphones ubiquitous presence, even when we go to bed at night (last check, first look) for quick look ups
  • print for that wonderful je ne sais quois relaxing quality with gorgeous, printed photographs and comprehensive details seen at a glance without having to scroll down a screen

Eye Capture combines the best of print with smartphones.  Why?  First and foremost, smartphones are always with us.  Magazine readers want to relax and pursue, but when we see something we like, we don’t want to have to get up in that moment to look it up.  Secondly, when we do find something we’d like to learn a little bit more about, the smartphone is the perfect way to do that quick look up, and then head right back to our magazine.  If I wanted to read the articles online, I would sit at my computer instead.  Even tablets require a lot of clicking, scrolling, scanning.  With Eye Capture, now I can get that instant look up ability, without having to switch to a tablet subscription, lug around a laptop, or sit at a computer.  Eye Capture is the first and only mobile app that enhances the magazine reader’s experience.  I love my magazines, and I love them even more with Eye Capture.

Try it out and let us know what you think.  Do you want other magazines to be Eye Capturized?

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