Obsessing Steve Jobs

Eye Capture is a start up and our first product is an iPhone app. This idea is a solution that I’ve wanted since brands started putting URLs on their print ads.  But as a start up, executing on this solution wouldn’t have even been possible without Steve Jobs’ vision of the iPhone.

Even still, my obsession to read Everything Steve, of which there is an abundance since his unfortunate and early passing from pancreatic cancer, surprised even me.

One interesting fact I learned from TIME’s commerative issue on Steve Jobs, although the NeXT’s expensive product was focused on academia (a small market at best) and failed, it turns out that Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web (an academia initiative), did it on a NeXT.

His impact on technology was so far-reaching, we’ll never be able to count all the ways.  Apple’s address is iconic and true:  1 infinite loop.

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