• The easy way to get specific online information about what’s on that page in your favorite magazine or catalog – a dress, a sofa, a music list, a local restaurant, a workout routine – without having to log onto a computer and search the internet, or search a confusing website.

    And not just one item from that page but everything on that page. With just one click. Page captured. You’re there.

    Eye Capture. Making Print. Interactive.

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Redbook revamps magazine to make featured products shoppable via mobile

Chantal Tode recently wrote this about Eye Capture: Redbook is revamping its print magazine to focus more on offering affordable shopping ideas for readers, with many items shoppable via a consumer’s mobile device. The April issue, which hits newsstands on March 12, is the first to feature the redesign. Every page of the print issue … Continue reading



The Ultimate Personal Shopper for Women Who Want Great Style at an Even Better Price Launching with the April 2013 Issue, on Newsstands March 12, with Mobile Commerce Powered by Eye Capture NEW YORK (March 4, 2013) – Thousand-dollar handbags, evening gowns designed to be worn only once, shoes that cost more than a spa … Continue reading

How Obama’s data scientists built a volunteer army on Facebook

Gigaom published a great post about the strategic use of vast amounts of Facebook data to build their highly targeted campaign strategy. Regardless of who you voted for: Reaching the right voters at the right time with the right message will become even more important in future elections, he said, and “we only scratched the … Continue reading

Net-a-porter to Launch Print Magazine

WWD reported that Net-a porter fashion website will be publishing a print magazine within the next 12 months or so.  As a brand advertiser and magazine reader, no surpise there really, especially for fashion brands. The reason is that while online and other platforms are cheaper per impression, we are not confident where our display … Continue reading

Hearst: Making Headway on Mobile but Still Bullish on Print

Company likely to test new print mag in 2013, despite 800,000 paid mobile subs. Some interesting quotes about their readers appears in the article. I agree with these two: Print magazines remain the state of the art for certain kinds of media consumption—including young consumers, Carey said. “For glossy, high-design, tactile magazines, we are in … Continue reading

NYTimes: Wondering How Far Magazines Must Fall

A few weeks ago, NY Times columnist David Carr wrote a column that depressed everyone in the entire publishing industry – except for us.  In the article, “Wondering How Far Magazines Must Fall,” David highlighted the challenges of weekly news magazines like Newsweek and then broadened his observations by pointing out the sharp decline of newsstand sales  – 10% overall, … Continue reading

Breaking News: Eye Capture is Alive!

I know, I know.  We’re a start-up so I’m suppose to say, “Eye Capture is Live!” but in truth, our journey has had so many twists and turns that Eye Capture the company basically has a life of its own. Eye Capture is a free mobile app that works like QR codes on steroids, only … Continue reading

Combining Social with Traditional Advertising Upgrades

Okay, so far I’ve covered How Social has Changed Advertising Forever as well as how do brands Upgrade Traditional Advertising. Going back to Facebook’s strategy for the Connected Brand, clearly Facebook had their own social spin to the strategy.  I’ve added a few notes as to how Eye Capture can help connect brands in today’s … Continue reading

Upgrading Traditional Advertising Vehicles

My last post touched upon how Social has Changed Advertising Forever.  It truly is a huge shift for brand advertisers to even think about being able to connect directly with real people.  For them, it’s been all about creating this brand image, planting that brand image into people’s minds through broad-reaching, traditional media forms like … Continue reading

How Social has Changed Advertising Forever

Today, brands want to reach out and connect directly with their audience, bypassing everyone inbetween.  Social media has changed that relationship forever.  In the past, brands would create image advertising that they hoped would drive demand for their products at your local retailers; retailers would be the ones to establish and manage that relationship with … Continue reading